ChronoLines 1.0 released

After a long developing effort, I’m proud to announce that ChronoLines 1.0 is now available for download from Google Play. You can view the app details in its corresponding page.

ChronoLines is the first Android application developed by Studio 381b, a personal project that tries to group in one site applications and resources created to explore the capabilities of new technologies for the dissemination of science and culture.

The main purpose of ChronoLines is to help users create historical chronologies in a collaborative way, and share their creations with other people. Chronologies are a powerful tool to visualize a sequence of events over a period of time, and to understand the relationships among those events.

ChronoLines will become more and more interesting as people add contents, so I encourage anyone to create their own chronologies. If you have any question or want to make suggestions you can visit our forums page.

Get it on Google Play

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