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The use of mobile phones and tablets connected to internet all over the world has made easier than ever the access to information. Nowadays we can look up any data when we are studying at home, or make the most of the time while travelling by train to read about any subject of interest to us. Furthermore, new technologies allow us visualize and manage information in ways that were impossible before.

Information technologies open up many possibilities in education, and let people with common interests share information in a collaborative way.

ChronoLines Android App

With that in mind we have developed ChronoLines as an Android application intended for creating and sharing chronologies about any subject.

A chronology shows a series of events in chronological order. ChronoLines let the user move along the time line, add or delete events easily, and group those events in categories. In this way, it is possible to compare events that happened at the same time in different places and understand the causal relationships between them, or see clearly the effects of an historical change throughout time.

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ChronoLines main features:

  • Search and download chronologies from our shared library or import them from received “chrono” files.
  • Create new chronologies or edit existing ones and upload changes.
  • Share chronologies using the remote shared library or sending them to other people as “chrono” files.
  • Use different date formats for your chronologies: only year, year-month, year-month-day, year-era.
  • Classify events in categories that can be separately shown / hidden.
  • Add images and links to events.
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When can be of interest to use a chronology?

  • History.
  • People biographies.
  • Discographies of music bands.
  • Bibliographies of famous writers.
  • Other culturally relevant events.

For a detailed description of ChronoLines functionalities download the User Manual from the link below.

User Guide